mercredi 18 février 2015

Shopping de Février / February shopping ! Beauty blender, Pretty Badly...

Hi !
If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen some of these products I bought this month but I wanted to make a February shopping post so.. Here it is !

First, I want to share with you a pretty french brand, as the name is " Pretty Badly "! I like to support french handmade brand as I am french and started my own one too. 
This is essentially lovely chokers with different material and I choose to wear a grey one, which suits very well with my grey/lilac hair 

I don't know if you follow Kat von D but she always share beautiful little handmade brands and when I saw those little bat bows... I directly decided to buy some from Dulce Calaveritas !

And to match with this adorable things, I couldn't resist to try this bat mug... ♥ ( from here

And to finish, some make up products of course.. Can't help it !
I decided to find some cheaper mascara and eyeliner for this time ( I use They are real from Benefits and liquid liner from Guerlain ) and a new concealer. I was so happy to finally found the Beauty Blender in a french Sephora ! Can't wait to try it 

1. Maybelline - Cils sensational
2. Beauty Blender
3. Maybelline - Gel liner Lasting Drama
4. Une - Skin-Glow concealer

dimanche 8 février 2015

My new natural skin routine : layering ! Nouvelle routine beauté 100% naturelle : le layering

Hello everyone 
Hope you all had amazing parties for christmas and new year's eve !
Bonjour tout le monde !
J'espère que vous avez passé de bonnes fêtes de Noël et de nouvel an 

Today I really wanted to share with you my new skin routine, because since I do it, my skin is really better every day.
I suffer from rosacea since I'm a child and it's always hard to wake up everyday and run in front of your mirror to see how is your skin this morning... red.
I did a lot of research and I used a lot of pharmaceutical products for my skin, spend a lot of money, for more or less results..
Aujourd'hui je voulais vraiment partager avec vous ma nouvelle routine beauté, car depuis que je l'utilise, ma peau est meilleure de jour en jour.
Je souffre de rosacée et de couperose depuis petite, et c'est toujours difficile de se réveiller tous les matins en courant devant votre miroir pour voir comment est votre peau... rouge.
J'ai fais beaucoup de recherche et j'ai utilisé beaucoup de produits pharmaceutiques, dépensé plein d'argent, pour plus ou moins de résultats..

But anyway ! Today I'm here to show you 100% natural products to use for you skin.
Did you already hear about layering? For your skin or for your hair, it's a method that consist of 6 step to have a perfect flawless skin : Remove make-up, wash your face, lotion, serum, eye contour and moisturize.
Bref, aujourd'hui je suis là pour vous montrer des produits 100% naturels à utiliser pour votre peau.
Avez vous déjà entendu parlé du layering? Pour vos cheveux ou votre peau, cette méthode consiste en 6 étapes pour avoir une peau irréprochable : démaquiller, nettoyer, lotion, serum, contour des yeux et enfin la crème.

Here is the products I use with this method :
( Warning : the products I choose are for sensitive and red skin. You have to choose your products according to your skin ! )
Voici les produits que j'utilise :
( Attention ! Les produits que j'ai choisis sont pour les peaux sensibles à tendance rouge ! Vous devez choisir vos produits selon ses propriétés et selon votre peau ! )

1- I remove all my make up with Rose seed vegetable oil. I only put some on my hands, and do a sweet massage on my skin. It really works, even with waterproof mascara or lipstick !
Je me démaquille à l'aide de l'huile végétale de Rose musquée. J'en met quelques gouttes sur le bout de mes doigts, puis je masse doucement ma peau. Cela marche vraiment, et retire même les mascara waterproof et les rouges à lèvres !

2- I wash my face with Aleppo Soap. It cleans my face perfectly and remove the rest of make up, etc..
Je nettoie mon visage avec du savon d'Alep. Il nettoie parfaitement ma peau et enlève le reste de make up, etc..

3- I use Cornflower hydrosol as a lotion. Water is really hard for your skin ! Always remove hard water with some lotion or mineral water.
J'utilise de l'hydrolat de Bleuet pour ma lotion. L'eau est très calcaire et agressive pour votre peau ! Passez toujours un cotton de lotion ou d'eau mineral sur votre peau pour retirer tout le calcaire.

4- Aloe Vera is the best serum to hydrate your skin.
L'aloe vera pur est parfait comme sérum hydratant ( anti-soif )

5- For my eye contour, I actually use Aloe Vera too.
Pour le contour des yeux, j'utilise également l'aloe vera.

6- Moisturize with your favorite cream. Actually, I'm finishing my Lush cream but I think I will make my own one after this one !
Nourrissez votre peau avec votre crème favorite. En ce moment j'utilise Lush mais je pense que je fabriquerais ma propre crème après celle-ci.

Et voilà ! Your skin will thank you for all that natural products ;)
Et voilà ! Votre peau vous dira merci pour tous ces produits naturels ;)

As you can see, I share with you no filter/make-up pictures.. Not that easy to show those days with all the beautiful make up/photoshop pictures but anyway, want to be honest with you today !
Comme vous pouvez le voir, j'ai partagé avec vous des photos sans filtre et sans maquillage.. Pas si facile ces jours-ci avec toutes ces belles et parfaites photos utilisant make up et photoshop mais bref, je veux vous montrer les réels résultats aujourd'hui !

And you ? Do you have a skin routine ? Do you have favorites products to share ?
Et vous? Quelle routine beauté utilisez vous ? Avez vous des produits préférés à partager ?


lundi 15 décembre 2014

DIY Christmas decorations / Décorations de Noel fait main !

Hello everyone !
How are you ? Freezing ? ;)

I'm still a child when it's the christmas season.. Snow flake, christmas songs, cute decorations, I love it ! My favorite thing is to light some candles and listen to old 20's or 30's christmas songs at home with a tea or an hot chocolate ♡ And you ?

This year, I wanted to try a new thing for my christmas tree : doing my own decorations !
As I already sew and do knitting, I bought some materials and found some cute stuff on my sewing boxes to create...

 You will need :

- Scissors
- Needles
- Cotton
- Glue
- Some stencils of your favorite forms ( Snow flake, tree, stars... )
- Thin felt
- Ribbons, sequins, buttons..
- Pearls

And now it's time to create ! Just let your imagination run wild ;) Christmas tree, snow man, snow flake, house, Santa claus... You can choose your material according to the colors you chose for your christmas tree. I wanted to have the classical colors this year : white, red and green <3

And to finish, every year I bought for my tree a new decoration. I found them in Monoprix ( french supermarket ) and I think they are perfectly cute ! They look like old children's toys...

If you wanna try your own decorations this year, please tag me on your Instagram pictures or Facebook ;) I want to see your christmas trees !


lundi 17 novembre 2014

Two thirsty bitches in London ♡

Hello guys !
How are you doing ?

Last week I went to London for 4 days with my friend Camille♡ It was a pure girls week end, with shopping, girls talk and parties of course !

First day was the gig of Asking Alexandria ( first reason we were here actually ), really love this band ! Naturally, we were dressed to kill and took a lot of selfies ( and drank to many Jager Bomb...)

The second day was an attempt to make shopping but we failed because of our hangover...

But the last day we put things right and went to Camden and Oxford street to spend our money, and finish well with friends in a glam rock party all niiiight !

And you, where are you from ? Which city do you prefer for a week end ?


dimanche 26 octobre 2014

Jack the pumpkin king's ! DIY pumpkin carving

Hello everyone !

Do you feel those spooky days ? Are you as excited as me ?

It's kinda sad because in France, where I live, Halloween is not so trendy.. So we can't found a lot of home accessories, or decoration in shops outside. I remember when I was young, ringing at the doors, saying " trick or treats ! " and wearing witch costume, it's a precious memory for me..
So I find some comfort with all this creepy but sexy make up on Instagram, those amazing girls all around the world and their ideas spreading the Halloween spirit..!

I couldn't spend this period without decorating a little my flat so I decided to bought a pumpkin and today I'll show you the process for a perfect Jack Skellington carving !

First, you have to cut a hole in the pumpkin and scoop out the flesh, pulp and seeds.

Time to draw your design on the better face of the pumpkin ! I choose the angry face of Jack the pumpkin king 

 You can now carve the features. Beware !

And finally, light your pumpkin 
Spooky !

Do you love the Halloween spirit ? Do you have DIY Halloween decorations or your own pumpkins ? Show me yours !


lundi 6 octobre 2014

Madly Clothing

Hello there !

For my first post, I chose to speak about my new handmade brand Madly !
After few attempts, my sister and I finally found the way to express our creativity and love for fashion in our own clothes and accessories. Since our young age, our mother taught us how to sew and knit, and that's contributed to our creativity for sure ! 
We decided, as it's only handmade items, to create rock but girly goods, to accessorize your perfect badass outfits. So you will be able to purchase 2 to 4 little collections a year, according to the seasons.

Today, I'm proud to show you the very first collection of Madly : a multicolored and girly collection for the summer and the early autumn.
Keyword : faux fur, scoubidou, leatherette, fruits, pink, blue, palm tree..!

My good friends Leslie was the photograph, and we found a really beautiful place in Paris, where palm tree and beautiful colors gave this amazing atmosphere.
Thanks again to Charlotte, my beautiful other model, and Camille for the help !

Don't hesitate to like our Facebook page and take a look at our Etsy shop !

Have a nice day,